Wisdom Method™ yoga therapy is grounded in the philosophy of embodied energy: the physical informs the energetic and the energetic affects the physical.

In Yoga Therapy for Structural Integrity, we investigate the use of person-centered sequencing and asana as a therapeutic tool to achieve structural integration in all our bodies systems: from the outer to the inner.

We investigate the ‘tie that binds’ — the fascial system — throughout this training, looking at its role in posture, acture, and asana. We also look at the continuous demands on our physical form from the ever-present force of gravity and how to effortlessly balance ourselves so that gravity flows through us with minimal strain. Furthermore, we dive deep into a seasonal, person-centered approach to yoga therapy, moving beyond the role of ‘yoga teacher’ to become a catalyst for holistic healing. Relational anatomy, postural observation, artful assists, professionalism in our practice, and person-centered yoga therapy are the continuous threads that inform this training.

All yoga teachers are welcome to advance their teaching practice with this specialized look at yoga asana as a tool for whole-body balance and structural ease. This training is a required module in the 700-hr Yoga Therapy, Level 1 program. The 700-hour program is an advanced yoga therapy training open to all certified yoga teachers.

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120-hours of intensive training {divided into 3 40-hour intensives or a retreat format} which will cover the essential principles of using the Wisdom Method approach to structural yoga therapy.


The Science of the Wisdom Method™ + the Myofascial Meridians | 40 hours

Musculoskeletal Evaluation + Body Observation for Yoga Therapists | 40 hours

The Science of Therapeutic Yoga | 40 hours

{Program Outcomes}

The Wisdom Method Structural Yoga therapy teacher training teaches instructors the sequencing principles, methodological foundations, therapeutic applications, and contraindications/benefits of Wisdom Method structural as fascial remodeling and structural integration. Outcome measures & competencies include, but are not limited to:

  • Muscle testing and body observation skills
  • Learning to sequence structural yoga classes in the Wisdom Method style
  • Foundations of person-centered yoga therapy
  • Client intake and assessmsent skills
  • Scope of practice and professional skills for yoga teachers + therapists
  • Evaluating progress and strategizing yoga therapy plans of care
  • Assessing progress and client records


{2014 / 2015 Course Fees}

Full Training, Early registration = $2250*

Full Training, Payment plan = $2400 | $800 per module due 60 days before intensive start date

The Yoga Therapy modules are $800 early registration (60 days before) or $825 late registration (less than 60 days before).

*discount available for full payment by 90 days before training start date*

a $300 deposit is due immediately upon registration. The remainder can be paid either through a payment plan or in full.


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{Cancellation Policy}

Refunds are not given for trainings UNLESS the training is cancelled; however, we understand that life presents us with unexpected challenges. In the event of emergency, please contact Kellie directly:: info {at} thewisdommethod {dot} com. We evaluate every situation on a case-by-case basis.


{Graduation requirements}

  • Full attendance and participation at all weekend intensives
  • Demonstration of ability to safely teach a Structural Wisdom Method yoga class
  • Completion of all non-contact {homework} hour requirements
  • Mastery of material, as assessed by the completion of a final, oral presentation and yoga therapy session (Mock Case Study)


{Required Props}

2 bolsters and 2 blankets OR 1 bolster and 4 firm blankets


{Optional props}

  • 1 meditation cushion {zafu}
  • 2 small pillows {12 in. x 16 in. pillow forms from craft supply stores are perfect}
  • 3 eye pillows
  • Journal
  • Colored pencils

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