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In the Wisdom Method 85 hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training trainees will learn how to safely teach yoga to pregnant women. Taught in 4 weekend intensives, this program will give teacher trainees the skills to apply the teachings of yoga in the specialized setting of a prenatal environment and to confidently {and safely} incorporate pregnant women into other classes. Topics covered include appropriate asana & pranayama sequencing for each trimester, general contraindications for pregnancy, contraindications for each trimester & the postpartum period, techniques for accommodating beginner & advanced pregnant practitioners, & essential meditation techniques for helping pregnant students have a more positive prenatal and birth experience.

One of the aims of this course is to train effective, compassionate, articulate yoga educators; as such, each weekend will include ample pedagogy, methodology, and practical principles of yoga education.

As the Wisdom Method approach is a Krishnamacharya yoga lineage approach to yoga, all eight limbs of Classical yoga will be taught throughout this course: including conscious breathing practices, ethics, mindfulness, anatomy {both subtle and physical}, ethics, Ayurveda, and transmission {teaching methodology}. Anatomy, physiology, contraindications, benefits, subtle energetics, therapeutic application, philosophy, teaching methodology, mindfulness training, and teaching techniques/practice are included in each weekend intensive.

Birth professionals, childbirth educators, pregnant women, and yoga teachers are welcome to attend Module 1 and/or Module 4 for continuing education or to advance their practice {continuing education hours provided, though no certification}. For the full certification and for Yoga Alliance registration, please attend the full training. 

All registrants interested in attending the full training must submit an application + a $100 application fee to the Wisdom Method School of Yoga.


Module 1: Foundations of Prenatal Yoga + the First Trimester {19 hours}

This module will address the philosophical, methodological, and physiological foundations of prenatal yoga: including safe sequencing {vinyasa krama}, laying the foundation for a prenatal practice throughout the trimesters, & how to apply the 8 limbs of Classical Yoga to pregnancy. At the end of the module trainees will be adept at teaching, practicing, adjusting, and modifying the first trimester prenatal yoga postures and will feel confident incorporating pregnant women in an all-levels yoga class. Pregnant women, childbirth educators, yoga teachers, and other birth professionals are welcome to attend, as this course will provide you with a solid foundation on which to share or build a prenatal yoga practice and a mindful pregnancy.

Module 2: the Second Trimester :: Prenatal Yoga for Inner + Outer Strength {19 hours}

This module will discuss poses and sequencing for the second trimester and review the methodological foundation for prenatal yoga. Our  focus is on strengthening postures and sequencing a mixed-level prenatal class. Drawing from the subtle anatomy of the chakra system and the five elements, you’ll learn to open your students’ eyes to their elemental strength –igniting within them a spark of inner awareness. With pranayama, meditation, and teaching cues derived from the 5 elements, the 5 cosmic winds, and the chakras, you will use the power of imagery and metaphor to weave a transformative prenatal teaching practice. We will discuss contraindications, propping techniques, therapeutic applications, special considerations for the second trimester, and how to balance many different levels and abilities in a single prenatal class.

Module 3: the Third Trimester :: Prenatal Yoga for Birth Preparation {19 hours}

In this module, students will learn how to help guide prenatal students in the latter portion of their pregnancy, including particular techniques to build birthing efficacy and ease. Sequences and poses suitable for the last months of pregnancy and during the birthing process are taught and practiced. Topics covered include essential anatomy and physiology of later pregnancy, the US model of healthcare and birth, birthing options and the birth experience, and meditation and pranayama for the final trimester.

Module 4: Foundations of Postpartum Yoga {18 hours}

In the final portion of the training, we will direct our attention to the ‘fourth trimester:’ the postpartum period. Drawing from classical traditions, including Ayurveda, we will learn how to provide a supportive experience for new mothers. Our aim will be on poses to assist in rehabilitating the post-partum body, restoring vitality {ojas}, & psyche-supporting practices. Topics covered include essential poses to rehabilitate the core musculature, when to reintroduce certain poses, the emotional and psychological conditions present during this time, and how to incorporate postpartum Ayurvedic rituals for better health. Open to yoga teachers and new moms alike, this course will help you feel confident incorporating postpartum women in your all-levels or prenatal yoga classes.


{Training Schedule}


4 modules, weekend OR intensive sessions

Sample Weekend Schedule: Sat & Sun, 9a-6p, 30 minute lunch

  • Module 1: Prenatal Foundations + the First Trimester, 19 hours
  • Module 2: Prenatal Yoga for Inner + Outer Strength, 19 hours
  • Module 3: Prenatal Yoga for Birth Preparation, 19 hours
  • Module 4: Postpartum Yoga Basics, 18 hours

{Course Options and Tuition*}

Full training :: $1300* with early registration; $1600 late registration

Per Module::

  • $400 each module


 *tuition reflects early registration {90 days in advance}. Tuition may vary between hosting studios.


{Program Outcomes}

The Wisdom Method Prenatal teacher training teaches instructors the sequencing principles, methodological foundations, therapeutic applications, and contraindications/benefits of Prenatal and Postpartum yoga.

Outcome measures & competencies include, but are not limited to:

  • learning to teach a well-sequenced Prenatal class
  • learning to guide meditation and pranayama
  • Ayurveda for the pregnant woman and the postpartum period
  • the US healthcare model of birth and birthing options
  • prenatal and postpartum mood disorders
  • where the prenatal yoga teacher fits into the matrix of care
  • an understanding of the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period
  • teaching an all-levels prenatal class through the trimesters
  • contraindications for pregnancy and keeping your students safe
  • mindful marketing, cultivating community, and compassionate care for the prenatal yoga teacher
  • contraindications and special concerns
  • essential anatomy and physiology


{Locations + Dates}

Miami, FL area, Spring/Summer 2014

Educating Hands School of Massage


{Sample Schedule}

Saturdays & Sundays, 9a -6:30 p

Schedule may vary from location to location. Please refer to hosting studio for exact training times.

Contact Kellie for additional details 

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