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The Wisdom MethodTM Art of Wise Living is an immersive introduction to yoga as path for intentional living. The only yoga + Ayurveda-based certification of its kind, this powerful training will give you the skills to empower, educate, + elevate yourself + your clients to abiding health + vitality.

Although this is a module in the Wisdom MethodTM yoga therapeutics training, this specialty training/retreat is open to all yoga teachers + other health professionals. In this course, practitioners and teachers will learn the principles of the Ayurvedic + Samkhya approach to yoga therapy: including Ayurvedic nutrition and cooking, cleansing practices, centering and balancing techniques for artful living, and philosophical foundations of each tradition. Asana techniques, anatomy, subtle anatomy, pranayama, and meditation are presented from the lens of the Vedic and the Buddhist wisdom traditions.

We further expand on the role of the yoga therapist in empowering the client toward health behavior change. To that end, we will cover essential psychology, mental health, and coaching principles for yoga therapists.

We welcome other yoga practitioners, bodyworkers, physical therapists, coaches, mental health professionals, and physicians to attend the training: in full or part.

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{Required Reading}

  • Yoga and Ayurveda, David Frawley
  • Prakriti, Robert Svoboda
  • Emotional Alchemy, Tara Bennett Goleman
  • Buddha’s Brain, Rick Hanson

{Course Fees}

~$2400 (depending on location and early registration)

*RETREAT-STYLE TRAINING RATES WILL VARY. Please contact us for upcoming Retreat locations and rates.


{Cancellation Policy}

Refunds are not given for trainings UNLESS the training is cancelled; however, we understand that life presents us with unexpected challenges. In the event of emergency, please contact Kellie directly:: info {at} thewisdommethod {dot} com. We evaluate every situation on a case-by-case basis.


{Graduation requirements}

Full attendance and participation at all weekend intensives

Demonstration of ability to safely teach a seasonal, doshic-appropriate yoga class

Demonstration of ability to lead all meditations and pranayama learned

Demonstration of ability to apply essential empowerment techniques

Completion of all non-contact {homework} hour requirements

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Ayurveda as Therapy I | 20 hours

Foundations of Ayurveda: The Art of Wise Living {5 hours}

Learn the fundamentals of Ayurveda including history, philosophy, cosmology, and didactic foundations of Ayurvedic thought, including Samkhya philosophy. We’ll learn about the mahabhutas {the 5 elements}, the 3 doshas, and the attributes of each dosha and element.

Ayurvedic Yoga +  Pranayama Practice  {5 hours}

Move beyond the basic elements of hatha yoga and learn to apply the practice from an Ayurvedic perspective. Principles of self-inquiry, self-evalution, and the relationship between the individual and the universal macrocosm discussed, taught, and practiced within the context of Ayurveda. You will create a daily yoga practice drawing from these principles.

Ayurvedic Nutrition: Let Food be Thy Medicine {10 hours}

In this course, we will discover how to bring our body into balance at every phase and stage of our life with seasonal food and appropriate spices: even during times of disease and distress. We will learn to apply food medicinally, through the six tastes, the principles of Ayurvedic cooking, and seasonal practices. We will also learn about the subtle essences, the agnis, principles of food combining, and the difference between an Ayurvedic and a Yogic diet.

Ayurveda as Therapy II  | 20 hours

Principles of Disease Origin and Treatment {5 hours}

In this course, we’ll move deeper into the function of the doshas and the subdoshas, the causes of imbalance, vikruti, ama, and ahamkara, and how to bring the body back into balance with herbs, appropriate food choices, and pancha karma. We will also learn how to self-administer Ayurvedic healing rituals to keep our body vibrant and strong throughout the life cycle. You will create a daily health ritual and seasonal self-care practices.

Ayurveda as Therapy {10 hours}

In this course, we will look at the deeper intersections of Ayurveda and yoga therapy. Highlighting the Ayurvedic framework of disease and disease categories, we will learn alternate approaches to treatment and how to balance vikruti and prakruti with the tools of asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra, diet, and lifestyle choices. In addition to learning the application of appropriate therapeutic interventions, we will learn how to self-administer Ayurvedic healing rituals to keep our body vibrant and strong throughout the life cycle. You will create a template for treating your own chronic or recurring conditions with diet changes, lifestyle adjustments, and therapeutic yoga-based interventions. 

Applying Ayurvedic Yoga + Pranayama for Self-healing {5 hours} 

In yoga and Ayurveda, the fundamental energy of life –prana—is divided into 5 archetypal directions, elements, and energies called the vayus. The vayus offer us an elemental understanding of working with our own energy in order to restore balance and heal from disease. Breathing exercises from the Vedic traditions are interwoven with some complementary practices from the Taoist, Sufi, and Tibetan traditions. We will create a strong foundation in pranayama {control of the breath} as the impetus for all movement and as tool for greater happiness, health, and well-being.

Yoga as Path: Tools from Yoga + Coaching for Empowerment + Psycho-Emotional Wellbeing

Embodied Energy + Psycho-Emotional Wellbeing {5 hours}

What does health and wellbeing look like for you? Is it a fit body? A resilient mind? Balanced emotions? Health is dynamic and any true holistic model of health must include a wide view. This course will give a broad overview of models of health and human development from the Eastern and {evolving} Western worldview, with special attention to influence of social, cultural, tribal, and constitution-specific patterns on health and wellbeing. Body-centered approaches to emotional balance and creativity as a healing tool are given emphasis. 3 hours lecture, 2 hours practice applications

From Samskaras to Samadhi: Insights on Behavior Change from Coaching, Cognitive Science, + Yoga philosophy {5 hours}

Both cutting edge neuroscience and yoga philosophy agree that our mental habits and thought patterns generate emotions {and vice versa} –and in large part – these patterns determine how we feel, how we think, how we act, and how we continue to think, feel, and act. Yoga calls these mental patterns samskaras, health educators call it mental habitsand neuroscience explains it like this: “neurons that fire together, wire together.” Despite the label, moving beyond these neural potholes into present-centered, intentional action is possible. In this module, we will use conscious awareness, Yoga Nidra, cognitive-behavioral training, and shamata vipassana practices to lay the foundation for transforming our aversive behaviors into intentional action. You will learn essential coaching principles –interwoven with the wisdom traditions –for empowering your yoga therapy clients to make lasting behavior changes. 3 hours lecture, 2 hours practical application

Mantras and Meditations for Troubling Times {5 hours} 

Our post-modern lives are increasingly more chaotic and restless. Each day it seems another horror, crisis, or tragedy greets us in the morning news, adding to our cultural + psychological suffering. Distractions –both inner and outer—take us further away from our center and our true home in the present moment. Reconciling our troubled times with a spiritual practice is itself a struggle at times. In this module, we will learn the essential spiritual practices for elevating our spirit with our feet firmly planted on the earth. We will learn and practice each of the Brahmaviharas {compassion, lovingkindness, equaniminity, and joy}, and incorporate empowering practices designed to soothe the spirit and heal the heart.

Empowerment and Coaching Techniques for Yoga Therapists {5 hours}

As yoga teachers and yoga therapists, we not only provide the tools for self-healing, we must inspire our clients {and ourselves!} to use them. Thus, our work includes the challenge of educating and empowering others to make alternative lifestyle, cognitive and behavioral choices. Empowerment is the thread which weaves yoga and coaching together in a rich tapestry. In each of these healing and helping practices, the emphasis is on self-care, individual practice, and transformative action. In this module, we will learn the tools necessary for encouraging behavior change and how to apply them within the scope of our practice as yoga therapists. The above 2 courses are interwoven and taught over the course of a day.


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