A 500-hour Advanced Yoga Therapy Training for graduates of a 200-hour Yoga Alliance registered school.

The Therapeutics Program will begin accepting new applicants for the 2016 Calendar Year in September 2015.

In the interim, all of our trainings can be taken as continuing education.



The Wisdom Method™ Yoga Therapy, Level 1 Training is a professional program preparing you for a career offering person-centered, integrative, therapeutic yoga and one-on-one yoga therapy. This is a comprehensive and flexible program allowing you the freedom to investigate your unique interests and to specialize in any area of yoga therapy : Ayurveda, Structural anatomy and alignment, Women’s health, Lifestyle coaching, Youth yoga, Psychoemotional health, Mindfulness training, Digestive health to name a few.

The Wisdom Method™ moves from the foundation that inner change precipitates outer change but healing and transformation ripple through the embodied energy matrix in a dialectic. In other words, change in one layer affects change in another layer {In the yoga tradition, we call these layers koshas}. As such, we apply lifestyle, mindfulness, movement, and energetic interventions to balance all of the layers of our subtle and physical form.


In practice, this means you will devote approximately half of your coursework hours on Yin yoga, Restorative yoga therapeutics, mindfulness training, lifestyle interventions, and the more “yin” approaches to yoga therapy. However, you will devote the other half of your hours to learning the physical form and the magic of this layer of our system: the more “yang” approaches to yoga therapy, including how to affect change in the neuromuscular system using cutting-edge fascial science and neuromuscular retraining. By the end of this training, you will have a comprehensive grasp of the subtle aspects of health and healing from the yogic perspective as well as the structural approach to functional freedom through asana, clinical tools and musculoskeletal assessment skills. Finally, the coursework includes a “Self-Care Intensive” in the form of Lifestyle therapy, integrative empowerment training and principles of Ayurvedic health and healing. This portion of the training – the Art of Wise Living – is intentionally taught in Retreat: as clinicians, healers and helpers, we need to learn to give the gift of deep self-care and inner work to ourselves.


You will learn components and integration of the neuromuscular, skeletal system, Chinese meridian, Ayurvedic, and chakra systems. In addition to structural therapeutics, biomechanics, somatics, body observation and assessment skills, and  functional interventions, you will learn mindfulness approaches for shifting the mental samskaras which ripple through the physical form. In short, you will become a truly integrative yoga therapist, able to offer your clients a custom-tailored approach to meet them where they are at every session.


In addition to the alignment-based yoga therapeutics, you will learn Ayurvedic lifestyle practices, mindfulness training and Yin yoga as therapy to enrich your personal and teaching practice {*this training includes 100 hours of Yin yoga training, for which you will receive an additional certificate so you may register as a Yin yoga teacher on YinYoga.com}. Our program is a comprehensive training emphasizing the inherent diversity and complementarity of the yoga traditions and the many therapeutic applications. Similar to a graduate or other professional training, this program will provide you with the foundational coursework necessary to allow you to further your education in an area of specialty.

Applicants will pass a competency test midway through the training and will declare their therapeutic yoga specialty pending successful evaluation. Electives, additional coursework above the 300-hour required course curriculum (see Core Curriculum courses below), narrative work, research, and case studies are integral parts of this training.


{2012 – 2015 Structure}

6 (six) 40-hour Intensives


1 6 (six) day Retreat


{Core Curriculum}

  • The Science of the Wisdom Method (40 hours)*
  • Musculoskeletal Evaluation + Body Observation for Yoga Therapists (40 hours)
  • The Science of Therapeutic Yoga (40 hours)
  • Theory and Practice of Restorative Yoga (20 hours)
  • Foundations of Yin Yoga (20 hours)
  • Yin Yoga + Mindfulness as Therapy I (40 hours)
  • Yin Yoga + Mindfulness as Therapy II (40 hours)
  • Ayurveda as Therapy I: Holistic Nutrition (20 hours) –Retreat form only
  • Ayurveda as Therapy II: Yoga + Pranayama (20 hours) –Retreat form only
  • Yoga as Path: Tools for Psychoemotional Wellbeing (20 hours) –Retreat form only

*includes Assists + Adjustments for Yoga Therapists 



The Wisdom Method™ School of Yoga is delighted to work closely with several partner studios and we are always looking for new hosts for our programs. If you are interested in bringing this training to your location, please contact us here.

Most modules are taught in a 40-hour intensive or retreat format to accommodate students traveling from out of state.

Students may begin the program at particular starting points: the beginning of any micro-training. Late admission or alternative starting points are not permitted except by permission of the School Director (which is rare).


{Upcoming Dates + Locations}

  • Clear Brook, VA Retreat Center | Clear Brook, VA
  • FULL 60-HOUR ART OF WISE LIVING | Women’s Wellness Ayurveda Retreat | REGISTRATION OPENS IN APRIL 2015
  • October 13-18, 2015




{2014 / 2015 Tuition}

*Yoga teachers may take portions of the training for continuing education with the Yoga Alliance. This is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Coursework Fees

  • Each micro-training is $2400* x 3 micro-trainings = ~$7200
  • Make-up hour tuition is $20 per contact hour.
  • every student will be on an auto-billed payment plan
  • All courses require a $300 deposit | payable upon application, due prior to the first micro-training start date
  • All course fees must be paid in full 60 days prior to the course/intensive
  • Students have 2 years to complete the course requirements and an additional 6 months to complete their mentorship
  • We offer discounts for training fees, as detailed below

Mentorship Fees:

  • $150 per session with an approved Program Mentor – 5 sessions are required

Other Fees:

  • $100 application fee
  • Books and props are not included
  • Travel and lodging are not included. Retreat-style trainings may be more

Estimated total investment:

  • $7200 coursework fees*
  • $100 application fee
  • $750 Mentorship fees
  • $500 books, props, etc.
  • TOTAL ~ $8550

*we offer flexible payment plans and discounts for early payment so most students pay significantly less

{Payment Terms + Bonuses}

*Yoga teachers may take portions of the training for continuing education with the Yoga Alliance. This is on a first-come, first-served basis and by permission of the Director only.

Full Yoga Therapy Program

  • All approved applicants will first have an Entrance Interview with the Director


  • All approved applicants must sign a Training Agreement with the School ensuring understanding of school attendance, payment, withdrawal and graduation policies


  • All approved applicants will be on a payment schedule


  • Our training is academically rigorous and unique. The curriculum and approach is informed by the Director’s graduate studies, undergraduate studies, 15+ years of committed, daily sadhana, and 8+ years in practice as a Yoga Therapist. The Director has taught well over 10, 000 hours (many of those hours in a Yoga Education position) and is a highly skilled public speaker and presenter. You can read more about the Director’s background and experience here.


  • We are fortunate enough to have skilled guest faculty, in particular areas of specialty, lecture for our School on occasion. We will continue to add skilled subject-matter experts over the next two years.


  • We take education and learning integration seriously which is why we have a private forum for our Yoga Therapy students. Receive study help anytime, engage with your peers – in your cohort and other cohorts, have access to private, members-only Yoga Therapy Resources, and get business mastermind support from your mentors, the Director and the growing community of Wisdom Method Yoga Therapists. We are a supportive kula of knowledge-seekers and believe in the power of community!


  • We take your professional success seriously and fully stand behind the ability of this training to enhance your teaching income. We recommend our graduates starting / base pay fee for one-on-one Yoga Therapy be no lower than $125/ session and we include in our trainings valuable professional supports to assist you in initiating a private yoga therapy practice.


  • We do not provide discounts on training fees (except those listed above for early registration). Our tuition is reasonably priced for the level of support and value this training provides.


  • Limited, partial, work-exchange scholarships are available by application only for select candidates in the latter half of their coursework and for Retreats. We only offer scholarships to current students. If you are in need of financial assistance, we invite you to apply and complete a single micro-training. No eligible candidate will be turned away because of lack of funds.





300 contact hours + 150 hour mentored practicum + 50 hours of outside study in an area of concentration

*How did we come up with the 700 hours? Here is the math:

200 hours from your previous certification + 300 course hours {see courses below} + 150 hours mentored practicum + 50 hours in an area of specialty {continuing education with our school or with another school} = 700 hours

In order to receive a certificate of completion, the student must complete all required coursework (total: 300 contact hours) within 2 years of beginning the program. The student will have an additional 6 months to complete the remaining requirements. A full list of courses is delivered with the welcome packet upon entrance to our school. To make this convenient, we offer the full 700-hour course work within the context of micro-trainings, which are taught in retreat or intensive form.

Our general structure is as such:

6 40-hour Intensives taught in a partner studio (Thursday – Sunday or Friday – Monday)

1 6 day Retreat (taught in several convenient locations)

 All homework — in the form of final evaluations at the end of each course, thesis + case studies (due at the end of the practicum), and continuing education must be completed with a 75% or higher rating. In-training assessments are narrative evaluations and are used to determine the students’ grasp of the core competencies.

{150 HOUR Mentored PRACTICUM}

In accordance with the professional nature of this training program, the qualified candidate will present an area of concentration {AOC} early in the training: preferably midway through the course hours {so, by the time the student has completed ~150 contact hours}. The AOC will inform the work done in the mentored practicum and the outside-of-training continuing education hours.

150 non-contact hours are accorded to the mentored practicum: including at least 5 one-on-one mentoring sessions {conducted via Skype, $150/session}, 15 case studies, and the completion of a thesis. The thesis will be in the form of a research article with sources properly documented and case studies presented professionally. Candidates will be instructed in the proper construction, documentation,analysis, and presentation of thesis work both via mentorship between training modules and education within training.  The remaining 50 non-contact hours will be divided over the candidates’ area of concentration {see below}.



Sample Electives/Areas of Concentration:

*50 required

Areas of Concentration include but are not limited to Family yoga, Ayurveda/Lifestyle, Alignment studies, Structural studies, Holistic therapy, Psychotherapy/social work, Yin and Mindfulness, for example. Additional examples of continuing education follow.

A complete resource page listing partner yoga therapy schools, specialty programs, and other continuing education options is forthcoming.

  • Ayurvedic studies in a NAMA-approved program
  • Prenatal and Postpartum yoga studies in a Yoga Alliance registered program
  • Children’s or Youth Yoga teacher training
  • additional Yin Yoga studies with Paul Grilley or Sarah Powers
  • Philosophy and Pranayama with a senior teacher {Example: Rod Stryker, Manju Jois, BKS Iyengar, Desikachar, Richard Miller, Yoganand Michael Carroll, Max Strom, Nischala Joy Devi}
  • Alignment-based yoga studies with a SENIOR Iyengar yoga teacher
  • Anusara-based alignment yoga studies with a SENIOR Anusara yoga teacher {or formerly-affiliated senior Anusara yoga teacher}
  • Anatomy and Kinesiology Studies with qualified PTs or LMTs, as a PTA, or at the graduate university level. Select yoga anatomy courses may be accepted.
  • Other electives and areas of concentration available

 Burning Questions? I have answers! Read the FAQ below.


 {Enrollment Process}

  • all students are required to submit a formal application to the School, including a copy of their 200-hour certificate
  • all students will have an Entrance Interview with the Program Director, Kellie Adkins.
  • all students are required to submit aTraining agreement to the School.
  • all students have 2 years to complete the coursework
  • all students have an additional 6 months to complete the practicum / mentorship
  • all students must submit a $300 course deposit for training/intensive/courses with the School, of which $100 is a non-refundable application fee



{Additional Requirements + Prerequisites}

All candidates must be graduates of a Yoga Alliance-registered 200-hour yoga teacher training program, at minimum (RYT500 and higher preferred). All candidates must have a strong practice in the yogic arts and must have taught yoga for at least 100 classroom hours. Our preference is a teaching background of at least 3 years. Our preference is that candidates have a strong background in human anatomy and physiology. You may take a basic Anatomy + Physiology course at a community college concurrent with your training in our school. It is preferred that candidates have a Bachelor’s degree, though this is not a requirement for training in our school. Higher level of certifications or other certifications are preferred (example: PT, LMT, RN, Dr., Ayurvedic practitioner, Chiropractor, Acupuncture physician, Ph.D, graduate work in the health sciences, Psychotherapist, other clinical background).

Regardless of your educational background, please note that our training is scholarly, academically rigorous, and professionally focused; therefore, candidates will demonstrate professionalism, organization, dedication, and discipline in all matters. Due to the high variability in 200-hour yoga teacher trainings, the Wisdom Method School of Yoga encourages candidates from other schools of yoga to complete specialty training with the Wisdom Method or, at the very least, invest in some additional Anatomy training.

Contact Hour Requirements for the full 700-hr program:

300 contact hours, 200 non-contact hours

Contact Hour Structure:

40-hour intensives, or retreat format

Non-Contact Hour Structure:

150 hour applied practicum/mentorship, thesis, case studies

50 additional hours in continuing education {in student’s area of concentration}


  • 200-hour certification from a Yoga Alliance registered program
  • 100 teaching hours
  • 50 practice hours
  • Completion of Core Competencies Evaluation

*can be used toward the 50-non contact practicum hours if your specialty is integrative yoga therapy


  • Completion of the Wisdom Method Foundations program, an RYS200
  • AND 100 teaching hours


WE OFFER PROFESSIONAL YOGA THERAPY COURSES – IN A VARIETY OF TOPICS – IN 40-HOUR INTENSIVES. These courses are open to any certified yoga teacher and many healthcare professionals are welcome to attend with prior approval (by permission of the Director)



We are a Member School with the International Association of Yoga Therapists and our 700-hr Yoga Therapy, Level I, is a professional training program registered with the Yoga Alliance at the 300-hour level {RYS300}: this program meets and exceeds Yoga Alliance’s requirements for an RYS300 and is open to all certified yoga teachers wishing to expand their career with yoga therapy. Please read over the information below, including the FAQ. We would be delighted to set up a complementary phone or Skype chat to determine if this program sounds like a good fit for you.

Kellie Adkins, M.Sc., ERYT500, CYTher., RPYT, RCYT
Certified Yoga Therapist, Yoga Educator, + Holisitic Coach
Founder and Director, The Wisdom Method School of Yoga

{Required Reading}