Yoga Teachers: Grow Your Private Teaching Practice

Yoga Teachers, do you want to grow your private teaching practice and teach more therapeutic private session?

Are you mystified by the exact steps to take in order to teach memorable private sessions?

Teaching private yoga is an art: an art that is rarely detailed in most teacher trainings.

Enter my colleague Francesca Cervero, E-RYT, a full-time private yoga teacher with a thriving practice in both New York City and Washington D.C. Francesca has been teaching private yoga full time for 8+ years and is now sharing her biggest secrets with yoga teachers.

Francesca mastered the art and science of effective private yoga and in the video below she’s sharing her top secret for creating a memorable private yoga experience. {You won’t believe what most of us are doing wrong!!}

Watch the video below and if you want more secrets to the art of private yoga teaching, join Francesca at Flow Yoga in Ashburn, Virginia, on Saturday, December 7, from 2-6 p. As part of the Wisdom Method Yoga Therapy training program, she’ll be teaching an introductory workshop that will prepare you to grow your private teaching practice.


*Note: the audio is a little funky when Francesca talks, but hang in there ~her tips are priceless!

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  1. Nityda Bhakti

    Great video! Teaching privates requires a whole different skill-set than guiding a group class. A teacher’s ability to become attuned and understanding of an individual and her needs from the first moment, and to listen to this understanding, can make or break the guide/client relationship. I’ve learned that to guide one-on-one I must totally drop my ego- it is extremely humbling and beautiful.
    Thanks ladies for sharing your insights and helping to grow a community of graceful yoga guides and therapists.
    Peace, love, and namaste,


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