Ghandi said on order to change the world, we must begin with ourselves.


Thus, to create a kinder world, we should practice kindness. To help others heal, we should first heal ourselves.


As healers, nurturers, and helpers, we understand the importance of changing the world. We’ve dedicated our lives to the pursuit of a better world: by sharing the transformative arts, creating conscious households, empowering others, using our gifts for the greater good.  Whether our work reaches one person or one thousand, we are changing the world one day at a time.


It is precisely because of this important work that we need to give the gift of healing self-care to ourselves. In practicing small acts of kindness to self each day and allowing our soft animal body to love what it loves* we are also honoring our work in the world.


We need purposeful work and enjoyment, duty and pleasure: both dharma and kama need representation in a life well-lived. Dharma is our duty, our purpose – our path in this life. Kama is the balance point – the spacious ease of enjoyment. All work and no play, as they say, makes Jane a dull girl.


Or a burned-out one.


Which is why I made you this (virtual) cup of tea.


I’m inviting you into a sacred space of nourishment, purposeful wellness, small pleasures and restoration.


What you can expect:

Aromatherapy. Restorative Yoga. Sacred nourishment. Inner inquiry. Inspirational poetry. Guided meditations.

Every week for 4 weeks, I’ll send a small, inspirational email with a lovely self-care ritual to help fill your cup.


The first one will be landing soon! Be sure to add to your contacts list to it lands in the right place. 


*Our Inspiration:

Do you know the poetess Mary Oliver? Her words – specifically, this poem – inspired the Wisdom Method Wellness journey.