The knowledge I gained in the Wisdom Method Yoga Therapy Training is used in every class I teach, and with every private client. The yin/restorative/yoga nidra has become an essential component of my studio (Restorative/Yoga Nidra is my most popular class). The relaxing Yin practices are invaluable to my students and private clients- I had no idea! I am much more confident in my teaching. I believe in what I’m teaching. I understand the structural and energetic reasons behind what I’m instructing. I am constantly getting compliments on my yogic knowledge and understanding of the human body. I know this comes directly from the knowledge gained during The Wisdom Method Yoga Therapy Trainings.

~ Emily Pearl Alfano, RYT500, Wisdom Method Yoga Therapist,
Red Barn Yoga Wellness

Training with the Wisdom Method, and Kellie Adkins, has allowed me to find my passion and my dream of teaching healing concepts to those who are ready.  The best part was in fact, not just a part of this training but its entirety. The entire program is educational, encouraging, and profound in helping to expand and create a foundation for deep, healing concepts in myself first and then the ability to pass it to others.

~ April Mitchell,

The best part of the training for me was learning how to teach Yin yoga while learning about the meridian lines and elements from Chinese medicine and how we can combine them with a Yin yoga practice. It has done amazing things for my practice and my teaching.  The sequencing and yin poses created for the different elements and phases throughout the year are just brilliant!

~ Lindsay McLaughlin, RYT200, Wisdom Method Yoga Therapist-in-training,
Sierra Yoga

Coleen Pic

To me, a great training gets you excited about what you are learning and makes you think. The Wisdom Method training did just that. It challenged me to look at yoga through the yoga therapy lens and gave me the tools on how to integrate yoga therapy into my teaching. The benefits from the Wisdom Method are deeply personal AND far reaching!  Overall, I feel as though my life and teaching have become more intentional and mindful.The knowledge that Kellie imparted has allowed me to become more well-rounded as a teacher and confident in my offerings of therapeutic yoga.

~ ~Coleen Clement E-RYT200, RYT500,
Wisdom Method Therapeutic Yoga Teacher


I highly recommend Kellie, she has a vast amount of knowledge in many areas and is incredibly generous with her knowledge and resources.

~ Laura Fisher,


I would highly recommend the Wisdom Method program and have already done so. Kellie is so knowledge about the human body, and how you can use yoga to help heal and maximize the form: it is inspiring, and made me so excited to learn more and more. She is very good at connecting the dots and showing how everything is connected and related. The Wisdom Method approach offered fresh perspective on how and why yoga works in the body

~ Carly Pla,


I was drawn to the Wisdom Method program because of my desire to use yoga as medicine in my own life and then be able to share with others. I was totally unprepared for the fact my expectations would be exceeded! The information was organized and presented in an articulate, digestible manner. I also found Kellie’s teaching style so lovely and relatable.

~ Renee Novello,
Yoga Therapist-in-training


The mindfulness and meditation techniques are also important in keeping all aspects in balance. I feel great, but I look around at my friends and contemporaries, and compassionately know that they can feel and do better. I intend to provide those seniors who want to improve their aging process with the tools to do so through yoga therapy.  I have chosen the Widsom Method because of the integration of yang yoga, yin yoga and ayurveda.  In addition to the more recognized yang yoga asanas, I have found yin yoga particularly suited to seniors.  By stretching and stressing the connective tissue, the compression, shrinkage and deterioration that are normal components of aging can be improved, even reversed. I have developed a regular yin practice for myself, and feel more mobility in some joints, less back discomfort, and stronger posture.

~ Nancy Detweiler,
Yoga Therapist-in-training

Turi.Head shot

The Wisdom Method Yin yoga & mindfulness practices has allowed me to nurture a deeper connection with my body and mind, which in turn has create an overall better balance in my life.  The WM practice has even help support me through a difficult time of sickness in my family.   I am grateful for this awareness…I am grateful for Kellie and this practice. 

~ Turi Nevin-Turkel,
Yoga Therapist-in-training


I was drawn to the Wisdom Method because of its true holistic approach to therapy. I am getting a foundation in the anatomy and the physiology of the body and the conditions which may present in a client, as well as a toolbox of therapies to apply from a yogic perspective. We learn treat the physical as well as the energetic and spirit body using postures, breathing, meditation, ayurveda, and most of all, right intention. Each session I have come back to my clients with specific therapies to apply and have seen them work like  magic. The level of awareness that is cultivated in this approach has helped  me to manage my own emotions and to live more fully with grace and ease. Ultimately, I continue to study so that in my individual sessions as well as group classes I can provide a safe, effective, transformative experience for the students.

~ Gina Keefe, M.Ed., ERYT,
One Yoga and Fitness