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Are you eager to spread the healing power of integrated wellness?

Do you love empowered self-care and essential oils?

Then, welcome home!

Our Wisdom Method Wellness community of integrated wellness advocates are committed to making a difference in the health of others, while making an abundant living sharing the gift of essential oils, Ayurveda, and self-care. Here are the Wisdom Method, we believe we can affect widespread healthcare reform by empowering others to practice healing self-care.

Self-care is empowered healthcare.

We are seeking fellow wellness missionaries who have made healing and helping their life’s work. Wisdom Method integrated wellness advocates already inspire others with the gifts of yoga, mindfulness, pranayama, healing touch or Ayurveda and are interested in integrating empowered self-care and natural healing through essential oils.


Why join our team

We truly believe that, to be effective, healing must ripple through all the layers of our embodied energy matrix: from the physical to the spiritual. As such, we need take an integrative approach. The Wisdom Method team of Integrative Wellness Advocates uses yoga, conscious breathing, lifestyle, healing aromatherapy, intuitive nourishment and mindfulness as tools to empower our clients and community.

When you join our team*, you automatically receive

  • a complementary annual membership to the Wisdom Method Virtual Studio ($197 value)
  • a digital starter course on the essential oils for healing business and (value $97)
  • access to our Wellness Wisdom: Digital Self-Care Retreat course – for yourself and everyone you enroll* (value $27)
  • access to all our proprietary Wisdom Method Wellness aromatherapy blends and recipes
  • a 4 week interactive “Building an Integrative Wellness Passive Revenue Business” course for all new enrollees. The 4 week course will include everything you need including information, resources, and support to establish a thriving Integrative Wellness business blending yoga, Ayurveda, empowered self-care and essential oils. (value $497)

*(at the Natural Solutions kit or higher)

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