Rejuvenate on Retreat for Better Health + Less Stress

The heat of summer is upon us but take heart —Fall rejuvenation is right around the corner.   Last October, a group of inspired ladies and I gathered at a gorgeous yoga retreat center in the mountains of Virginia. The … Continued

A Simple Summer Wellness Plan + Seasonal Yoga Practice

  Summertime is coming in the Northern hemisphere, which means it’s time to get serious about staying cool.   In Ayurveda, the Summer is ruled by Pitta dosha, a combination of the Fire and Water elements. Pitta dosha expresses itself in … Continued

Making a Living Teaching Yoga

This week on the Kellie Adkins blog, I talked about leveraging your time as a yoga teacher to make more money by actually teaching yoga. While I try to stick to yoga education and wellness here on the Wisdom Method … Continued

I’ve Come Full Circle | A Return to Self-Care

When I closed my studio in 2011, I went fully into the wellness field with wellness coaching and programs on one side and yoga teacher education on the other side. Each business felt like dharma. But they were pulling me … Continued

Essential Oils: February Favorites

If you follow us on Instagram, you know we’re a little (read: a lot) obsessed with essential oils. Our olfactory sense is so powerful when it comes to our emotional state and there’s something so lovely about being able to … Continued

Practicing Yoga through Retreat & Self-Care

It’s no secret that I believe whole-heartedly in the power of retreat. As helping and healing professionals, we are always giving of ourselves and we often forget to take. Or—even worse—we simply cannot afford to take time for ourselves. Your … Continued

Opening up to Virtual Yoga Education

I am a tactile learner. I love real books, textured paper and fountain pens. I take handwritten notes and I hand-make gratitude gifts every November. But—as it’s probably evident to you—I also embrace technology. I love my i-devices, Google drive, … Continued

Out with the Old Samskaras

  Yoga Nidra, or Yogic Sleep, is a state of deep meditation—the ultimate cessation of fluctuations of the mind. A place between the dream world and reality where we maintain a state of waking consciousness. Most of us were drawn … Continued

Why take a Yin Yoga Training?

We all see that the yoga community is growing—there are more students of yoga and more teachers of yoga with each passing month. It’s an exciting time for yoga in the Western world. With the rise in interest, comes the … Continued