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Wisdom + Proven-to-Work-Methods = the Wisdom Method


The Wisdom MethodTM approach to yoga is a method rather than a style. It blends therapeutic yoga, mindfulness and movement to lead yoga teachers + students both into operating from a place of inquiry, observation, and evaluation, thinking like scientists.


From a practical perspective, it comprises an integrative approach to movement, mindfulness, and breath which aims to balance the subtle undercurrents of the bodymind through kinesthetically intelligent sequences, intentional breathing, and fluid movements. Harnessing Ayurvedic wisdom, Taoist philosophy, flow-based movements, and Eastern thought, Wisdom MethodTM classes, workshops, and trainings encourage students to direct the lens of their attention inward, to tap into that source we call flow, and to undergo a cognitive perestroika: uniting the inner with the outer, seeing with new eyes, and discovering oneself as one’s greatest teacher.

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Kellie Adkins, M.Sc., ERYT500, RCYT, RPYT

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Kellie Adkins is a yoga therapist, yoga educator, and business-whisperer for holistic entrepreneurs. She is the founder and director of a Yoga Alliance-registered integrative yoga school -Wisdom Method School of Yoga- which provides teacher training for basic, advanced studies, Restorative yoga, Yin Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, and Yoga Therapeutics recognized by the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Kellie has worked with clients from age 5 to 95 to manage infertility, arthritis, spinal stenosis, joint replacements, severe spinal trauma, osteoporosis, women’s health issues, and disordered eating. Using the wisdom of yoga, Ayurveda, + mindfulness training, Kellie creates customized therapeutic lifestyle plans for private clients.

In addition to her work as a yoga therapist + educating yoga teachers, Kellie brings her holistic business expertise to her coaching + mentoring practice for budding conscious entrepreneurs + yoga teachers. Kellie works with multi-passionate holistic entrepreneurs to design a business that features their talents, aligns their passions, + is an authentic expression of their deep purpose.

Kellie’s writing has appeared in several online and print publications including Elephant Journal, Teachasana, Your Kick Ass Life, Lyved, + as a featured expert on Prenatal Yoga in a Prenatal Fitness Book.

Kellie offers private yoga + meditation classes, yoga teacher training, + coaching in + around Central Florida + via Skype + in her virtual studio.

Specialties: Yoga Therapy, Mindful Marketing, Holistic Business, Lifestyle Design, Prenatal Yoga, Children’s Yoga, Public Speaking, Holistic Health, Nutrition Education, Behavior Change, Program Development, Meditation, Intuitive Eating

 Kellie holds the highest level of national registration for yoga teachers {ERYT500} and is a supporting member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists and the Greater Good Science Center. Dedicated to bringing the eightfold path into every element of her teaching, work, and family life, Kellie believes intuition, self-study, and continued practice are the foundation and the fruits of a lifelong commitment to yoga. 

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Kellie’s academic trainings have spanned Classical Indian philosophy, Tibetan Buddhist studies, philosophy, comparative religion, cognitive neuroscience, anatomy & physiology, health promotion, gender studies, and include a graduate degree in Nutrition Science {studies in neuroscience, research in bone health, + practicum in behavior change} and a B.A. in Religions {Asian} and Gender Studies. A student of Eastern thought since 1998, and a dedicated hatha yogini since 1999, since beginning her teaching career in 2007, Kellie has taught more than 10,000 classes to children, adults, pregnant women, seniors, and special populations. Much of her teaching since 2008 has been in the forum of Yoga Education: Kellie began lecturing in her mentor’s school of yoga in 2008 before beginning her own school in 2011. Her passion is education and you’ll find her on the mat or at the feet of a teacher as much as in front of a class. She’s had the great fortune to attend excellent trainings and intensives with well-respected teachers, some of which are listed below.

Off the mat, Kellie is a busy mom, juggling her continued love of creativity in all its forms {handcrafting, writing, knitting} with the adventures of a self-directed career. Seeking inspiration from her many teachers and students, her daughter Veda, and her partner in life, Steve, Kellie strives to practice yoga in all its forms – service, devotion, and union.

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Kellie’s Trainings + Continuing Education

Buddhist studies & Classical Indian Thought, New College of Florida under John Newman, Ph.D., 1999-2003

Avalokiteshvara {Chenrezig} Empowerment Ceremony, Drepung Loseling Monks at New College of Florida, 2001

B.A., Religions and Gender Studies, concentrated studies in Classical Indian Philosophy + Vajrayana Buddhism, New College of Florida, 2003

Waldorf Sarasota, FL, internship + preschool teacher, December 2002-July 2003

Sufi meditation and Iyengar yoga studies, Sufi Order International, Switzerland, Summer 2003

Au pair and English tutor, Paris, France, December 2003-July 2004

Vinyasa Flow classes and workshops with Robyn Ceballos and Richmond Dickson, Prana Power Yoga, Tallahassee, FL, 2006-2011

Vinyasa Flow, Anusara studies, and AcroYoga intensives with Kate Greer, January 2007, May 2007, July 2008

200-hour Classical Yoga and Ayurveda, Leslie Hanks Yoga Unlimited, Tallahassee, FL, grad. July 2007

500-hour Yoga Therapeutics + Specialty Training, PranaVinyasa School of Yoga, Tampa, FL, grad. December 2007

18-hrs, Pediatric and Child Weight Management, May 2007

20-hrs, YogaSteps, Level 1, May 2007

Master of Sciences, Nutrition and Food Science, Florida State University, 2007

6-hrs, Power Yoga and Long, Slow, Deep, Bryan Kest, January 2008

5-hrs, Inversions workshop with Tripsichore, June 2008

Iyengar + Power Alignment classes with MyLinda Ann Morales Hutchings, 2008-2012

Founded and directed Jeweled Lotus Yoga Studio, September 2008-November 2011

6-hrs, Power Yoga and Long, Slow, Deep, Bryan Kest, November 2008

3-hrs, Vinyasa Flow workshops with Rolf Gates, January 2009

Faculty, PranaVinyasa School of Yoga, Leesburg location, January 2009-July 2011  

750-hr Certificate in Yoga therapy, PranaVinyasa School of Yoga, December 2010

40-hours, Intensive study, Senior’s yoga and Restorative Therapeutics, PranaVinyasa School of Yoga, Leesburg location, March and April 2009

30-hours, Learning to teach Yoga Nidra with Saraswati Devi, PranaVinyasa School of Yoga, June 2009, September 2009, February 2010

9-hrs, Inversions, Arm Balances, and Backbends workshops with Kathryn Budig, March 2010

6-hrs, Power Yoga and Long, Slow, Deep, Bryan Kest, November 2010

100-hours, Asthanga Yoga Intensives with Saraswati Devi, March 2010-June 2011

8-hrs, Ashtanga yoga workshops, Kino MacGregor, July 2011

4-hrs, Inversions workshop with Kathryn Budig, July 2011

20-hrs, Anusara Immersion with Sri Ekan, June-July 2011

6-hrs, Power Yoga and Long, Slow, Deep, Bryan Kest, November 2011

3-hrs, Inversional Flow with Brock and Krista Cahill, December 2011

5-hrs, Philosphy and Pranayama workshops with Max Strom, January 2012

3-hrs, Vesica Vinyasa workshop with David Regelin, January 2012

100-hrs, Yin, Yang, + Mindfulness Intensive Teacher Training with Sarah Powers, February + August 2012

6-hrs, Philosophy and Ashtanga yoga with Kino MacGregor, February 2012

3-hrs, Vinyasa Flow with Dave Romanelli, April 2012

6-hrs, Intuitive Eating Specialist, with Evelyn Tribole, MS, RD

6-hrs, Inversional Flow and AcroYoga with Briohnny Kate-Smith and Dice Iida-Klein, June 2012

5-hrs, Philosophy and Pranayama workshops with Max Strom, March 2013

12-hours, Continuing Education at Symposium of Yoga Therapy and Research, SYTAR, Boston, June 2013

35-hrs, Musculoskeletal Assessment with Marlyssa Sullivan of Pranakriya, August 2013

40-hrs, Gross Anatomy/Human Dissection “Dissecting the Anatomy Trains” with Tom Myers and Todd Garcia, January 2014

5-hrs, Continuing Education with Max Strom, January 2015


View Kellie’sschedule page for a list of upcoming events. For bookings, please contact info [at] thewisdommethod [dot] com.