Welcome to The Wisdom Method

The Wisdom MethodTM~developed by Kellie Adkins ~ is an embodied mindful movement practice which aims to balance the subtle undercurrents of the bodymind with mindful movement, intentional breathing, and neuromuscular retraining. Wisdom MethodTM yoga classes, teacher trainings, and workshops encourage students to direct the lens of their attention inward, to tap into that source we call flow, and to undergo a cognitive perestroika: uniting the inner with the outer and seeing with new eyes.

The Wisdom Method yoga teacher trainings are for questioners, seekers and open-hearted healers wanting to expand their knowledge and their healing practice. We train the knowledge-seekers, the innovators and the ones who want to uplevel their yoga teaching careers …in a mindful way. As an ERYT500 and a Certified Yoga therapist, Kellie also provide several continuing education opportunities for yoga teachers, movement educators, and yoga therapists. In each Wisdom MethodTM teacher training, you will learn more than just how to teach yoga. You will learn how to live yoga. On and off the mat, you will be a beacon of inspiration and vibrant passion that will inspire others and allow them to be the change they were meant to be, too. Get the details on the next program by contacting us here.

the wisdom method: uniting wisdom + method to create a more vibrant life.



I would highly recommend the Wisdom Method program and have already done so. Kellie is so knowledge about the human body, and how you can use yoga to help heal and maximize the form: it is inspiring, and made me so excited to learn more and more. She is very good at connecting the dots and showing how everything is connected and related. The Wisdom Method approach offered fresh perspective on how and why yoga works in the body


~ Carly Pla,