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The Wisdom MethodTM is a system of empowered self-care practices designed to restore harmony within the individual and between the individual and environment. Drawing from the wisdom traditions, movement science, and both ancient and modern health sciences, the Wisdom MethodTM weaves the scientific and the subtle together in a person-centered approach to lifestyle, mindfulness and movement.

Wisdom Method Retreats and trainings are for questioners, seekers and open-hearted healers wanting to expand their knowledge and their healing practice. We appreciate the knowledge-seekers, the innovators and the integrators.

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The mindfulness and meditation techniques are also important in keeping all aspects in balance. I feel great, but I look around at my friends and contemporaries, and compassionately know that they can feel and do better. I intend to provide those seniors who want to improve their aging process with the tools to do so through yoga therapy.  I have chosen the Widsom Method because of the integration of yang yoga, yin yoga and ayurveda.  In addition to the more recognized yang yoga asanas, I have found yin yoga particularly suited to seniors.  By stretching and stressing the connective tissue, the compression, shrinkage and deterioration that are normal components of aging can be improved, even reversed. I have developed a regular yin practice for myself, and feel more mobility in some joints, less back discomfort, and stronger posture.


~ Nancy Detweiler,
Yoga Therapist-in-training