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The Wisdom MethodTM is a system of empowered self-care practices designed to restore harmony within the individual and between the individual and environment. Drawing from the wisdom traditions, movement science, and both ancient and modern health sciences, the Wisdom MethodTM weaves the scientific and the subtle together in a person-centered approach to lifestyle, mindfulness and movement.

Wisdom Method Retreats and trainings are for questioners, seekers and open-hearted healers wanting to expand their knowledge and their healing practice. We appreciate the knowledge-seekers, the innovators and the integrators.

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The Wisdom Method Yin yoga & mindfulness practices has allowed me to nurture a deeper connection with my body and mind, which in turn has create an overall better balance in my life.  The WM practice has even help support me through a difficult time of sickness in my family.   I am grateful for this awareness…I am grateful for Kellie and this practice. 


~ Turi Nevin-Turkel,
Yoga Therapist-in-training